Living in the moment

I’ve read articles about millennials being attached to their phones and that the coming generations have it worse. Where did I come across these articles? While scrolling down my Facebook feed. They’re telling us about our “problem” but they sure aren’t helping the situation. We were growing up, playing outside when they decided to start making advancing shifts in technology. We were also the guinea pigs when it came time to test out these new products. It was pretty impossible to miss the wave of smartphones. So mentioning that these phones consume us, is like, okay, tell me something I don’t know.


Something that you guys don’t know, is that I’m getting better at living in the moment. What I mean, is that I am getting better at putting my phone down. Life is so much better when you experience it for what it is and not through the lens on your camera phone. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media like the next person. Shoot, Twitter is my 3rd party news source in the morning. But, all of your followers don’t need to know what you ordered for lunch or the dark club you’re dancing in (not that we can actually see the club anyway).

IMG_3210 (1)

Caught my bro Matt! Sleep texting.

Leave some things for storytelling – for a great conversation. So that when you interact face to face there’s more excitement in what you say. As a listener, I feel it’s more interesting hearing about something for the first time instead of revisiting what you already posted on Instagram.

Sometimes before I post, I question myself, “What am I posting this for? What am I going to get out of posting this? A few likes, couple comments. Why am I so interested and invested in this application?”

Companies like Apple, are good at not letting us forget about our phones. I am #TeamiPhone, still I don’t need a new phone every 6 months. Another thing, I used to  anxious to get my phone on a charger before it died, but now sometimes I don’t care. I’ll let it die and life still happens.

I read a quote once that said “The best pictures are the ones you don’t take.” There are so many pictures I should have taken but instead I was enjoying life. I wasn’t thinking about if my friends should see this or sharing it on my social media. I took it all in. It was for me, that moment was mine and it didn’t need to be shared.

It’s just good to put my cell down without feeling like I’m missing out on anything. It’s also important to have time for yourself and to get away from everything. Crazy, a handheld device can open up the world in a matter of seconds but even better that you can escape it whenever you want.


Daily Doubles

I’m pretty determined on not working a job just because the pay is good. That’s not healthy. I need something that is going to challenge me and make a difference in my life – not just my pockets.

Since I moved to Spain right after college, I didn’t give myself the opportunity to build my resume. I thought living in Spain looked pretty darn good on paper and said a lot about my personality but nah. Once I came home this past June, I couldn’t find a job in my field. It was stressful and I was being impatient. But that was only because I knew I was ready to start my career and all I needed was for one company to take the risk and give me a shot. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a job. I was hunting throughout the summer. I even had an interview for a nonprofit but nobody seemed to want the kid. I realized it had to be my resume. It wasn’t strong enough. So I swallowed my pride and I applied for internships (I truly didn’t want to). For some reason, I thought I was too old for one – yeah, I’m only 24. And I wanted, or should I say, needed something that paid.

I ended up applying for two internships and I was offered the position for both! Event and Sales Intern at The Twisted Tail and Marketing Coordinator/Contributor for Philly PR Girl. Being the busy body that I am, I accepted both. Oh, and I’m still employed at the Holiday Inn. That leaves me working doubles almost everyday. As I write this, I’m not sure when my next day off will be.


In the mornings, I’m at either one of my internships and in the evenings/weekends at the hotel. I’m not complaining though. I’m actually happy with the way life worked out. I get to experience the realms of PR while still being able to work so I’m not completely broke. I’m also really excited to be a part of both companies. They’re small businesses which gives the opportunity to learn hands on and take some responsibility.

I say that to say, if I have to work three jobs to get where I ultimately want to be then I’m going to do it. I believe in myself and I refuse to settle. I think my generation gets swept into wanting things to happen over night or in the next couple of days. They don’t want to put the work in overtime to make their goals a reality.

I know it will all pay off and I am not going to give up. Hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed.

Summer, bye baby :(

Today being the first day of September marks the unofficial end to Summer. It wasn’t dangerously hot for the entire season so that made for some enjoyable moments. I spent half of it with family and friends and the other half working, working at the Holiday Inn. I wanted to make sure I balanced out social life and work because last summer, the hotel was like my second home. Nobody likes all work with no play, especially summer time play.

Work - in between check ins

Work – in between check ins

Play - celebrating my 24th

Play – celebrating my 24th

For me, summer started as soon as I boarded my flight to Philly from Madrid. I was an assistant English teacher for the school year in the North of Spain. I loved the experienced I gathered there but I also couldn’t wait to arrive home. Like the true and greedy Philadelphian I am, the first of many cheesesteaks was devoured a few hours after the long plane ride. And since I choose to return home at the start of a weekend, I wasted no time catching up with family and taking in some adult drinks with my girls.

Some of my summer highlights include, spending time with my wild niece and nephew – I love watching them grow, seeing Miguel put on an amazing performance, Snapchat stalking Mack Wilds and “running into him on South St”, making Sips on Wednesdays a priority and losing a good friend. No, that’s not a good highlight but I’ll never forget him and how the expected lost brought my college family together.

So summer ’15 is one for the books. Yeah, it isn’t completely over but I have already started preparing myself for the Fall. Its my favorite season. And it’ll be a busy one. I earned 2 internships and I’ll still be chillin’ (working) at the Holiday Inn. (Thanks to Chingy, I’ll never get tired of that)

Looking forward, what do you have in works for the Fall?

Until next time  . . .


So I have been pushing off starting my blog for the past year now. I was kind of lazy and my burst of motivation only lasted for a few hours. But, here is it! The Gray Field – my playing field, my area on the world wide web. After testing out different hosts, I have found one suitable and I’m excited for it. Excited to watch it flourish. More importantly I’m happy to have to the space to write – about whatever. I need to practice my writing. I’ll be using it professionally but this here, this is just for fun. A way to express myself. And maybe inspire.